TreeStar acoustic harvester head 

TreeStar TM  enables a harvesting crew to make quick and informed decisions on which trees to cut and how to segregate logs to precisely match a sawmill’s requirements. It saves time, reduces wastage and avoids sending logs to the wrong production destination by allowing in-forest grading of stems and logs to clearly identify their quality at the very start of the production process.

Acoustic Head


  • Fits the most commonly used harvester heads
  • Automatically tests wood at processor head operating speeds
  • In-cab display showing the tree’s sonic velocity
  • Log assessment with head optimiser for value-based log making
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust, industrial-strength design and construction suitable for high duty cycle operation
  • Offers up to 76% accuracy compared with standing tree acoustic tool  on initial trial with Sitka spruce. 
Acoustic Head


  • Offers quick, efficient and cost-effective operation
  • Compatible with existing harvesting machinery
  • Provides reliable indication of wood quality
  • Allows segregation of timber at the earliest point in the production chain
  • Can be used in forest, on landings and in roadside operations 
  • Helps avoid sending logs to the wrong production destination and associated costs
  • Assists value recovery during thinning
  • Enables identification of timber suitable for carcassing
  • Decision making process for log lengths to be cut to meet specification for carcassing or pallet processing operation
  • Offers operatives a safer working environment than manual testing within an operational environment