TreeMetrics End-to-End Management Solution


Woodilee Consultancy in partnership with TreeMetrics Ltd replaces traditional callipers and measuring tape with technology for the first time in over 100 years of forestry measurement. Easy-to-use 3D laser scanners can quickly and accurately measure the shape, size, and straightness of standing trees. Our cutting-edge technology uses this information to predict the quantities of log products that each tree can produce, and their potential value. Working with our solution offers you a better means of managing forests and determining which areas best match sawmill requirements. Ultimately this leads to a reduction in the quantity of trees that need to be cut, while reducing waste and improving forest profitability.

The reliability of our solution has been tested and proven in over 12 countries worldwide, in conjunction with large government forest owners and independent research agencies. With development of our first products now complete, TreeMetrics is very much open for business and has already secured commercial contracts with the state growers in Ireland, the UK, and South Australia.

Cost pressures due to increased global competition, and the need to manage forest resources in a more sustainable fashion, have focused forest industry managers on minimizing value losses in the forest industry value stream. TreeMetrics have developed specific solutions to assist the forest industry& rsquo's changing focus from productivity measures, i.e. m3 of logs that meet the demand specification to measuring net value recovery.

AutoStem Forest

AutoStem Forest

Treemetrics - The Forest Warehouse

Treemetrics - The Forest Warehouse


This product automatically extracts 3D stem profiles from the 3D images collected in the forest. This information is then built into a database which describes each forest as a warehouse of log products.

The Forest Warehouse

This is a 3D bucking optimization software to allow for detailed cutting simulations and optimisations of both 3D & 2D (harvester) stem files.

  • A decision support system to calculate yields based on different sawmill requirements
  • Ability to assess different Harvest Options
  • Improve Harvest Planning (Strategic and Tactica)
  • Decision Support Tool for Fund Management (Growth)
  • Allows for better control - Lean Manufacturing
  • Improves Profitability for all stakeholders



This solution is delivered as a web application. This provides a portal which allows users to browse, interact with, and investigate both terrestrial LiDar and actual harvester generated stem file (.stm) data. In particular it provides access to the interactive analysis tools we have developed to help users to extract as much value from the data as possible and acts a business decision aid.

Providing the data and analysis tools as a web application has an incredible number of advantages many of which are the driving factors in the increasing popularity web applications and SaaS (Software as a Service). Some of the advantages that are particularly relevant to TreeMetrics include:

  • Availability- TreeMetrics' clients can potentially access the information and data analysis tools anywhere, in the field, office etc, provided they have internet access. It means that the information is immediately available across the organisation and provides a platform through which analysis can be shared.

  • Scalability- we can quickly and cheaply roll our software out to customers all over the world

  • Maintenance- it is a reasonably straightforward process to upgrade the system and make new features available to our customers