Optimisation Solution

We have designed a system to integrate accrued data from different sources for a data mining analysis. The Forest WarehouseTM platform (Figure 4) allows the user to quickly analyse all available data in the database for any custom enquiries. This powerful platform is very flexible and dynamic; it allows the analysis of different log-harvest scenarios introducing custom log descriptions and market conditions. Figure 5 gives a pragmatic overview of the work flow within the current market place using new technologies including Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) and satellite real time harvesting.

The primary capability of TLS is the generation of highly accurate, three-dimensional images. This imagery and 3D visualisation provides added confidence that mapped objects correspond to actual existing conditions.

TLS increases the amount of data collected and reduces questionable data, provides oversampling to ensure accuracy and that all objects, structures and geometry are captured. A 3D image from the laser is projected in one-colour, using the intensity values it is possible to obtain gray-scale image where the objects can be recognised (figure 2 Point cloud  or TLS image). Additionally, the latest TLS devices have an integrated camera that allow it take pictures in multispectral bands (RGB) and afterwards colourise the point cloud data.  This allows new analysis such as the potential for species recognition.