The SATMODO project is aimed at the round-wood timber harvesting market, by facilitating ”live” monitoring of harvest processes. To date, the availability of real-time or near real-time harvest process data has been limited, as the facility to send the data from remote harvest vehicles has been hampered by the lack of reliable data transmission technologies. The SATMODO project specifically addresses this issue by utilizing both satellite and terrestrial wireless transmission technology as a means of providing data transmission pathways for the live harvest data.

To monitor forest harvest machines in real-time or near real-time using satellite and terrestrial wireless networks and to use this data to improve the overall efficiency of the forest harvest process. An in-vehicle device is installed in each harvest vehicle, allowing individual machines or groups of machines to be monitored.


Project Plan

  • SATMODO proves it can monitor, manage and mitigate against crop value loss in all forest environments, irrespective of location through linking harvesting machines via satellite and terrestrial wireless networks,
  • SATMODO proves that it can be used derive more timber products from less trees,
  • SATMODO demonstrates that there is revenue optimization between the forest owner and the sawmill through the optimization of harvested crop and the reduction in storage and transport costs,
  • SATMODO demonstrates that the management tools provided through the web-server are of commercial value to end users,
  • SATMODO demonstrates that the system, through its management interface, reporting tools, resource management and lone worker functions presents a unique forest management system.


The system represents a means of bringing together all the elements of the forestry supply chain. By providing an easily used and accessible management system, the platform delivers an innovative tool capable of managing each element of the forest product supply chain.


The SATMODO system consists of the following elements:

  • A full web-integrated remote harvest machine management tool,
  • An in-vehicle hybrid satellite/terrestrial wireless data communications device for use in remote forest locations,
  • Real-time or near real-time data connectivity,
  • Data compression over satellite and terrestrial wireless networks,
  • A GPS tracker on monitored vehicles,
  • An interface to the on-board computers on cut-to-length harvest machines,
  • A man management tool (work time & work flow monitoring),
  • A lone worker emergency module (transceiver).


  • Product installation and deployment,
  • Hardware performance,
  • User Interface performance,
  • Relevance and efficacy of the system,
  • Quality of performance reports.